All locals on a Friday night, featuring some of Vancouver’s newest punk bands!

Poor Form

Although this isn’t my niche, Poor Form played an excellent set. The first thing that I noticed about them is their ability to fill the room with sound and energy. Once they started the vibe significantly shifted which tells me these guys (and gal) know what they’re doing. Having duel vocals song-per-song as well with interlaced harmonies gives this band that classic pop-punk feel while still being able to put their own spin on in. Energetic and enthusiastic stage presence adds to the feel of their sound and creates a very on point (to what they’re trying to achieve) atmosphere. Choice pop-punk for the fans, check ’em out.


Well this band is clearly insane, meaning that they’re doing punk right. I noticed that the tempo never strays from a menacing mid passed beat; that along with abrasive pissed vocals fueled by rage, give this band a very niche sound and stage presence. The vocalist acts like a savage maniac on the loose, to the point where she’s stripping down and choking herself out with the mic cord. All that wilts the band is just playing the tune looking like they don’t give a shit and probably got something better to do (punk!!). This band is definitely a must see, and not for the soft hearted wanker.


Really stoked on this band right now, this was their first gig and although it was rough around the edges you can tell that they will rule and will probably record something really sick. I was told that this was gonna be a metal punk band, but with the blown out trebble charged guitar tone played at a mid tempo it was sounding more like early “”chaos” or “ad nauseam” demos and singles. The vocals were shouted and executed with a powerful stage presence, that was very fitting with a bouncy “fight back” style drum beat. They covered a “Varukers” song so I’m obviously sold. Check these guys out they rule, they play real punk and do it right!

Photos by Cordie & Jesse



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