13TH CHIME, ANASAZI, DAME, April 16th, 2016 at ST VITUS, NYC

First off was Dame, local to new york they had some gothy vibed post-punk. Their set was tight and lively, pretty catchy tunes and put on a good show, give ’em a listen. After them came Anasazi who proceded to take the entire show, with their violently powerful set. The singer came out dressed as some demonic nun with black teeth, the fog rolled in at the right times and I gotta say the lights were also very dialed in. Every song was executed with passion, dark goth done in a very punk way, you could tell these guys were on their A game that night. Not a band to overlook, and a hard act to top. After that I had the previlage to get to catch 13th Chime, who are (if you don’t know) a notable and classic UK goth group. Considering these guys came out of the wood work after 30 some odd years their newer songs where actually pretty good, but they still paled in comparrision to the classic hits, such as “Cuts of Love” & “Coffin Maker”. Overall put on a good performance the usual energy level of older bands but they seemed to really loosen up after the first half of the set, money well spent!



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