Whether you know him for playing in some of Portland’s finest bands, seen his insane artwork, or haven’t heard of him at all; Here’s an interview with the talented Calvin Wright.

Alright so first of all, who are you and what do you do?

oi! cal alonzo wright here, hailing from vermont, portland oregon is where i reside in a wierd vortex for goin on 9 years now. I draw/bring freak-energy out of my cosmic hyper-connection point, run a little leather company ive built up called ‘Leather Weapon Punk Gear: Anti-Police Wear!’ I play dwumbz in frenzy and sing in a band called acid wash styled after lizzy, pentagram, priest etc. I also banged around in bi marks, nerveskid, bawg people, funeral parade n some more. Workin on a project right now with my partner Audoo and my mate Mickey, neither who’ve been in bands so that’ll be awesome! I also run a lil distro called Massakre Therapy where I deal out screenprinted shirts, Leather Weapon punk gear and Masskare Therapy Tapes which I’ve been building for like 5 years or so now.

How has work work changed over the years and have your motives or influences changed since you started?

I feel like the moments where I REALLY buckled down and almost got hypnotized by drawing was around 2009 at another period of transitioning out of a relationship where I drew my first big piece alongside my good man Evan Johnson singer from bi marks and bassist in mongoloid; he was and continues to be a real source of inspiration with his commitment to detail and original style, (i highly reccommend getting him a section on here like I have, he kills it!) Evan did the majority of the work for bi-marks, I did most of the logo work/letters for that band. But Anyhow we made some big pieces together n that felt transforming as far as committing focus to longer periods of working.

What do you want to achieve / what do you want to do with your work?

My ultimate goals with drawing are:

  • to get a couple lines of comics out, punk, psychedelic and cartoon styles all together, or like a line of the super wierd psychedelic ones and then a real punk cartoon comic
  • To make big tapestries and also public murals of my symmetrical/psychedellic designs
  • To make a legit book compiling the spanse of my work and styles from over the years and to be able to see the progression in that way kinda like a time-lapse video
  • To always be a staple of the punk world’s visual aspect

What kind of music or bands do you usually jam while drawing?

Really whatever I’m into at the moment! Here’s a lil list though of what I can recall! CREED, KoRn, -Priest, AC/DC, Skeptix, Slade, Shitlickers, Mob 47, Thin Lizzy, Disorder, Suss Law, Motorhead, The Witch, Iron Claw, Thin Lizzy, ‘ Sabbath, Last Rites, Acid Mothers Temple, Legion Of Parasites, Gryphon, Fallout, Screaming Dead, Exit-Stance, Thin LIzzy, AOA, Antisect; any uk82, psych. and rocknroll.

What else creative do you do with your time?

I have the leather-creation through my outfit called Leather Weapon Co. I want to keep that building,building,building & have the most insane punk fringe gear goin around. I need to make these crazy punk straps/chain-spike messes that I’ve been drawing over the years become tangible gear so we can all look even crazier. It’s been rad going through all the ¬†correspondence I do with the leather dealing too just talking with/meeting more people, I dig that. Always down to work with people on what theyre looking for and sizing them up properly, custom ideas always welcome and an interesting thing that I love fulfilling.

Any advice for aspiring artists?

NEVER GIVE UP! It can take a lot of time of working to ever get anywhere near mastering whatever your craft may be, draw until it gives you bruises on yer finger and that’s when yer puttin in good time haha! Leave your mark!

How can people see your work / get ahold of you?

E-Mail –

Instagram – @Calvinism

Webstore –

Art Blog/Gallery –



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