Artist interview with Shelly Leeann

At thought decay, we’re always looking out for talented awesome people to collaborate and work together with, to perpetuate punk. One of those people is Shelly!

From being active in the punk scene, how does it influence your artistic endeavours?

The punk community is in a constant creative movement. It’s awesome, being able to be apart of a group of people that are all creative in their individual ways. Its rewarding to have a chance to be creative in a atmosphere where its not about competition. In a space where its safe to share, with a group of supportive people. It’s helped me to be less selfish about my artistic practice, and think about sharing my work, selling my work, and taking on commissions.

Do you have a favorite or ideal medium to work with?

Most of my pieces are made using a variety of different mediums, it gives me a more options when I am trying to find ways to add extra details. My favorite mediums to use would be watercolor, or gouache and ink.

What do you jam out to when drawing?

Depends what I’m feeling like. Often, if I know theres a gig happening soon, I’ll jump on band camp to check out who I’m interested in going to see. Most of the time though, I will just put a movie I’ve seen a thousand times on in the background just for something to listen to. I’m currently looking for a podcast or two I can listen to. Any suggestions?

Are there any particular projects you would like to work on in the future?

I have a couple things I would like to get started in the future, some are closer than others. My main focus is getting a tattoo apprenticeship. Since I was young I have wanted to work in the body modification industry. I’ve been building a portfolio for the past year, to hopefully be able to find someone to apprentice under. As something a bit less intense, I’ve also wanted to start a creative get together once a week, to either just sit and talk, draw, work on a collaboration. Either way would be nice to be in a creative environment with others.

Do you like cats?

Hell yeah! All cats are soooo cute. I want to get my own eventually.

What inspires you to keep doing artwork?

Progress mainly. It’s nice to finish off a piece you’ve been working on for awhile. I feel it’s even better to appreciate the time taken to get there. Every time I try something new, I learn something new. I don’t think I will ever be as great as I want to be, but as long as I keep learning, and keep making progress to get better, thats the real achievement.

Is there anything you would like people to know about you?

My online portfolio has been deleted, so for now, until I can get my new website up and under way, best to contact me via Facebook at Shelly Leeann or on Instagram at Sheslade. I’m interested in most creative projects, even if I don’t have much experience with some mediums. It’s always a chance to try something different. I am very interested in just getting out and being creative in anyways I can. If anyone wants to collaborate, or  wants to just go chill and draw, get in contact with me.

Thanks Thought Decay! For this opportunity, it’s been awesome!



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