Los Monjo, Born/Dead, PMS 84, Cinderblock, Violence. MANIC RELAPSE 2016 DAY GIG @ WORLD RAGE CENTRE – Oakland C.A.

MANIC RELAPSE gigs at the WORLD RAGE CENTRE were the highlight of the fest for me, the crowded dark basement gigs and sunny hungover backyard gigs just being more of what gets me excited about punk. This day show was the top of the list, too, with a killer lineup, smoke bombs, glitter cannons and all sorts of crazy shit flying through the air. VIOLENCE, CINDERBLOCK, BORN/DEAD, PMS 84 and LOS MONJO all killed it with incredible energy for a crowd that matched that. Aside from the chaos of the crowd and the air filled with glitter and coloured smoke, there were also all sorts of crazy objects being thrown through the air. The most terrifying of which being a massive metal soup pot, leading folks to spend as much or more time taking cover than actually watching the band. When LOS MONJO played, everyone really freaked out and their vocalist spent more time crowd surfing during their set than he did with both feet on the ground. Great, great gig.




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