Sad Lovers and Giants, Spectres, Flowers & Fire. Cvlt Nation birthday party at the Hidenburg in Vancouver BC, March 18th 2016.

Cvlt Nation turns 5 years old! To celebrate Shawn arranged a night of post punk and goth…

Sad Lovers & Giants

Overall decent set, although they played tight this band was not very interesting to watch. Considering this is a 35 year old band I wasn’t surprised to see that thier set was a pretty long, but they were cheered on for an encore so I guess people were really into it. I personally wasn’t really blown away or anything but I wasn’t bummed on it, to each their own.


Once again Spectres nailed it. In my opinion they were the best band of the evening, powerful post punk done to style which blew away the headliner. A local favourite to many, these guys never disapoint.

Flowers & Fire

My first time seeing this band, and I liked it. I am used to seeing a bit more energy but these guys definetly killed it regardless, the highlight in my opinion was the driving bass lines and chords. Look them up if you haven’t already!

Happy 5th birthday to Cvlt Nation! If you haven’t been there yet, check them out at:



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